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Chillydog Bed with Maggie the Doxie

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Welcome to Chilly Dog beds, a quality pet bed for small dogs who love to snuggle.

Have you ever climbed under the covers in bed to find your dog curled up and cozy? Your dog has found the warmest place to be and they’re not going anywhere. If only they had a small dog bed they could snuggle into themselves. With Chilly Dog beds, now they do! Call it a snuggle bed, or maybe even a cuddle dog bed, either way your pet has a warm and comforting place to rest.

Chilly Dog snuggle beds aren’t only for dogs, they can be used for cats or other small pets that love to cuddle as well. This snuggle bed is portable, so perfect for traveling and easily washable. They look like a dog cave bed as they’re made with a removable polly tube that holds up an opening. With a built in blanket and removable pillow, this burrow bed makes the perfect cuddle dog bed. Our Chilly Dog cave bed comes in three sizes and a variety of colors. For comfy burrow bed color choices look at the colors on our Etsy shop.

Your pet deserves to have a bed of their own that they can feel warm and safe in. Our small dog beds provide just that. Some dogs, like Chihuahuas or Doxies like to burrow until they feel comfortable, so this burrow bed is perfect for them! We ship all over the United States, so no matter where you are, your pet will love their Chilly Dog bed!

Check out our Gibbon testimonial, they love their Chilly Dog Bed.

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