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Gibbons Get A Bed

Gibbon Monkey in a Chilly Dog Pet bed

In November 2009, Chilly Dog Beds of Ashland, Oregon, donated two pet snuggle beds to the Gibbon Conservation Center, a non-profit facility in Santa Clarita, California, which had asked for their help. The beds have built-in blankets.

Gibbons around a Chilly Dog BedKhin Maung & Tint Lwin, two rare gibbons - a species of endangered arboreal ape - were one and two years old at the time these photos were taken.

A nylon hoop at one end keeps the pillow bed open so they can crawl inside.
Khin Maung and Tint Lwin Gibbon Monkeys in a Chilly Dog Pet bed Native to southern and eastern Asia, these youngsters live with the largest group of gibbons and rarest group of apes in North America. They have almost forty other gibbons at the Center, which was founded to protect and study gibbons.

Two Out Gibbons on ChillyDog pet bedKhin Maung and Tint Lwin enjoy the light blue Polar Fleece fabric. They would we be happy with any color except burgundy. (Burgundy frightens them.) The beds also come in Plush Fur.

One In One out, A rare look at the bottom of a gibbon Monkey ButBefore the gibbons received the Chilly Dog Bed they slept in their sleeping quarters on a blanket. Now they snuggle, play and hide, and sleep in their new bed. Native to tropical and subtropical rainforests, they enjoy the warmth of their new sleeping quarters.

One Gibbon Taking Over the Chilly dog Bed One Monkey Is outside the bed. The warm Chilly Dog Snuggle Beds are perfect for them. Gibbons are endangered throughout most of their range because of habitat loss. Chilly Dog pet beds come in three sizes, two fabrics and a variety of colors. Best of all, they're washable!

You can learn more about gibbons and the restoration work at the
Gibbon Conservation Center

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