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Hi I'm Mindy

   Mindy first met Jo in 1999 at a craft show, and admired her built-in design. Mindy told Jo she was envious of her great idea, and wish she had though of it first. But Mindy didn't have 2 small dogs waiting for her each night to put the blanket back over them.Jo originator of ChillyDogBed
In 1977 Jo thought there must be a better "design" for a dog bed, a bed created for small dogs that like to snuggle. She spent hours and hours perfecting the ultimate "snuggle bed" for her dog Maggie. Jo designed a bed like a sleeping bag with a built-in pillow and a nylon rod shaped in a ring to keep the bed open for crawling inside. was launched in 1997. Jo managed purchasing, Website, and putting the beds together for shipping. And brought on Mindy as Production Manager in 1999. Now Jo has stepped aside turning the business over to Mindy. Mindy has been making Chilly Dog Beds for Jo since 1999. It is for the dogs, and preserving the long history of quality of this product.

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