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Beds showing three sized and measuments, in orange on a green lawnChilly Dog Beds Are Perfect For:
* Keeping Pets out of Your Bed
* Pets with Medical Problems
* Short Haired Pets
* Home and Travel
* Older Pets

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The Chilly Dog pet bed comes in three sizes and two fabrics SMALL: 24"X24" Designed for pets under 20 pounds. Hoop diameter is 15.5 in., best for short legged dogs. MEDIUM: 27"X30" Designed for pets under 35 pounds. Hoop diameter is 18.5 in., best for small dogs with longer legs. LARGE: 36"X30" Designed for pets under 50 pounds. Hoop diameter is 22 in.

The Chilly Dog pet bed comes in two fabrics:
Plush Fur or Polar Fleece

The bed is made from cozy soft 100% polyester Plush Fur with a built-in blanket that cannot slide off.
Plush Fur colors are Black, Brown, Champagne, Cinnamon, Gold, Emerald Green, Forest Green, Navy and Leopard, Lynx, Zebra, Jaguar print.

The bed can be ordered in Anti-Pill Polar Fleece, a light durable 100% polyester fabric, in Brown - Camel - Forest Green - Light Blue - Light Navy

Chilly Dog bed has a Nylon rod material that holds the bed open so your pet can snuggle down on a comfy polyester fiberfill pillow. The Nylon rod hoop will hold its shape and not bend! Your pet will never be cold again.   

The made in Oregon Chilly Dog bed is easy to care for and clean up after:

         *The Nylon rod comes apart and slips out.
         *Velcro fasteners open for easy pillow removal
         *Bed and pillow are machine wash/dry

Replacements for the bed material are available, if you still have the pillow, tubing and connector. Please contact Mindy to order. Also for replacement tubing and connectors.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Bed may be returned if undamaged and free of hair.

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