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Chilly Dog, The Ultimate SNUGGLE Bed

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Apr 2009

Italian Greyhound, in Medium Brown Plush Fur Chilly Dog Bed I received the bed today and my Vinnie loves it! I am attaching a picture. Thank you! Tiffany - New York - Vinnie an 11 lb Italian Greyhound and Pictured in a Medium Brown Plush Fur Chilly Dog pet bed.

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Oct 2009

Burgundy Polar ChillyDog bed with Lucey mini-Doxie puppy.Lucey loves her Chilly Dog bed!  It  keeps her so warm and toasty.  She is used to sleeping under the covers at night and HER bed takes that place in the living room during the day. She gets so excited to go into it that she stands in front of it, wags her tail,  and then dives into it.  It travels everywhere we go, because she would be lost without it.  And I love how easy it is to launder. I can't imagine her life without the Chilly Dog Bed.  Thank you for making her so happy and comfy!

Debbie Prestby - Turtle River, MN

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Nov 2009

German Short Hair Gus borrowed a small burgandy Poler Fleece Chilly Dog be from Doxie LuceyA while back, I sent you a photo of my Mini Doxie, Lucey, that loves her Chilly Dog bed. Over the holidays, we were with my brother and family who have a german short hair and he also loved the bed as you can see from the attached picture. He slept in it for quite a while!
Debbie Prestby - Turtle River 

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Oct 2008

Plush Fur Gold Chilly Dog bed with dog snuggled warm and happy

Our Chilly Dog bed arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. And not a moment too soon, given the cool October temperatures and our new little Sato (Puerto Rican street dog), who came to live with us in June. October in New Hampshire is a lot colder than the summer days of his puppyhood in Puerto Rico!
It took Smudge exactly 3 minutes to figure out the bed and make himself comfortable. And he's crawled into it every single time he's wanted to nap since. As you can see from the enclosed photo, he's snuggled, warm, and happy. Thanks for such a great product!

Tammy Lenski and Rod Christy -
Peterborough, NH - Medium Bed Fur Gold

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These dogs love their Chilly Dog beds!

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cats and dogs
Italian Greyhounds
Minature Pinchers
All varieties of Terriers
Miniature Bull
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Jack Russell
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