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Dec 2008 

Pictures of Bella and Itchy, each in a Chilly Dog bed

Bella and Itchy in a Polar Navy and fur Jaguar Chilly Dog Bed
Medium Navy Polar Fleece and a Jaguar Fur

James MacKenzie - Mooresville, NC

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July 2008

I just thought that I might bring a smile to your day. Clarabelle On a Brown Polar Fleece Chilly Dog BedOur Chilly bed has been in the house not even 10 minutes, and the attached photo explains its reception better than I ever could. A new favorite cuddle spot, to be sure.

As a human, I can say that the bed is even better than I expected. The pillow is a total treat! I had envisioned just the hoop and a cozy blanket; I knew that a pillow was involved, but I had just not thought about the logistics too much. I had heard great things about the beds and thought that it might help our Clarabelle on cool mornings, so I went ahead and ordered one. My only issue is that we have two dogs, so I might soon need another bed! (And I will assemble the cover and pillow shortly; I just had to try it out right away!) Best regards,

Sarah Carly _ Washington DC -

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Sept 2008

two Beagles share a Chillydog Pet BedTruly, I am not one to brag about my dogs (they are terrific, and we love them -- but all beagles are cute!) or send photos upon photos, but I have to brag about this bed. The perfect bed for two: They love to cuddle together, and now they can do it in their preferred style -- one underneath a blanket and one on top of it. I very well may still need another bed for a different part of the house, though; otherwise, I am not sure that they will ever leave the den! Medium Bed - Polar Fleece - Brown For Beagles18-30lb 13-16in Tall)

Sarah LS Carey  - Washington DC

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Aug 2008

Dog snuggled into a Chilly Dog Bed

When the Chilly Dog bed arrived for Mia, my Standard Manchester Terrier,  I could not believe the quality and design of this wonderful bed.  She burrowed into it immediately. She also loves sleeping on top of it.

Dog named Mia in a Leopard Faux Fur Chilly Dog bedI could not resist ordering the Plush Fur Leopard for her!  It's elegant.  The bed is a medium and the perfect size.  Here are a couple of pictures.  Thank you for the love and workmanship that go into every one of these beds.   I highly recommend Chilly Dog beds for any dog who loves to snuggle.

K. Greuter -  Missouri - Medium Leopard Fur

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June 2008

Look how much he loves his Chilly Dog bed.
Luke in a Chilly Dog bed and not in a crate bed
Wanted to say thanks for the bed.  Luke LOVES it!! 
I keep my house pretty cool in the summer due to our ridiculously high humidity down here in the deep south. So, he's using it all the time now to escape the AC.
He loves it. Thanks!

Catherine Molony and Luke - Louisana USA - Small Bed Fur Navy

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Jan 2008

Beagle Mix in ChillyDog bed she got from Santa Santa brought Penny, my Beagle / Fox Hound mix a Chilly Dog bed this year and she LOVES it. She used to dig herself into my pillows during the day while I was at work but now with the "dog bag" (as I like to call it) she snuggles in there all day instead.

It's safe to say that it's one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time.  Beagle Penny has the Chilly Dog bed on the couch and she can sunggle under the blanketWould love to submit pictures of her if you are looking for more to display. 
Thanks, Chilly Dog! :) 

Chilly Dog has a hoop that permits the Beage to be coverd over, she has her toy in her bed also.

Lynn- Illinois

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These dogs love their Chilly Dog beds!

Hairless varieties of
cats and dogs
Italian Greyhounds
Miniature Pinchers
All varieties of Terriers
Miniature Bull
English Toy
Jack Russell

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