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Chilly Dog, The Ultimate SNUGGLE Bed

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Dec 2008

Shelby lovesssssss her new bed.  Within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box, she was in it - she slept like a baby. The two dogs were fighting over who was going to sleep in it!!  Everytime Shelby got out of it, Roxy climbed in, only to be chased out by Shelby. Here are photos of Shelby in her bed.  Powder Blue Polar Fleese wiht Dog Shelby Powder Blue Chilly Dog in Polar Fleece, and a dog named Shelby taking a snooze.Thank you!!

Rhonda in Delaware - Powder Blue Polar Fleece

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Oct 2008

The miniature Doxies, Dixie and Reese, took right to the bed and LOVE IT!!! They were in it right after I put it together and have been there every since. I will need to get another one soon so that they can each have their very own bed.

We show horses and travel a lot, the Doxies go with us everywhere and the Chilly Dog Bed is perfect for that as well as for the home. I've been looking for a bed like this for a long time, and it's everything that I wanted for the girls to snuggle in!!!!!

Here is a photo of my son and I with the girlsDoxins with owners and some photos of the girls in their Chilly Dog Bed right as I got it put together!!!!!!

We love our Chilly Dog Bed. I'm a breeder of Miniature Dachshunds in Pilot Point, Tx.  I will be glad to refer all my customers to you in the future. If you have time, please check out my website:   I sell my dogs all over the United States and will refer them to you for dog beds.

Thanks so much,
Stephanie Riney, Circle R Dachshunds - 10610 Bobbie Lane, Pilot Point, Tx 76258


Hi Stephanie, Loved the pictures of you and your son, nice horses, too! Owner of and son on horses

Of course I adored the pictures of your dogs in my Chilly Dog bed with the brochure propped up beside it! 
Doxie's Dixie and Reese in Leopard Chilly dog bed wiht BrochureDoxin Dixie and Reese in Leopard Chilly Dog Bed with brochrue
Thanks so much for the comment and  I'll add it to my testimonial page.  Thanks for including your website and for the referrals.
Take Care,
Hi Jo,
Your very welcome!!! I thought you would like the display...the girls love the bed and really don't want to share it with each other??? Its funny because they both end up in it with a little fussing!!! Its too funny to watch them nest in it, I'll have to get another one really soon.Dixie and Reese Doxie in Chilly Dog bed with Brosure one

Thanks, Stephanie Riney   - Circle R Dachshunds  - Pilot Point, Tx

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July 2008

Chokko Love the Chilly Dog BedI ordered a bed from you at the beginning of this year and wanted to share a picture of Chokko in his bed. I had to take about half the stuffing out as he'd climb in and then roll off or out of the bed but now he has grown a lot and he loves it. =)

Thanks! Valery - British Columbia

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