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Chilly Dog, The Ultimate SNUGGLE Bed

Our gallery of testimonials.

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Hear what our customers have to say!

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2007, 2008

2 dogs Penny and Baily playing in a Chilly Dog bedPenny & Bailey love their new Chilly Bed. They went right in! I don't know how many beds I have bought in the past but this is the best. What a wonderful idea. I will be ordering another one soon!

Only the nose is out, Dog is coverd by the built in cover of a ChillyDog bed Thank you so much.

Schneider -  Albuquerque NM - Medium Brown Polar Fleece

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Dec 2007

Dog named Buddy in his Chilly Dog BedI couldn't get it on the floor because he was all over it, 7 seconds and he was in. Buddy says
Thank You. Frank Csinos - Sookie BC - Gold Plush Fur

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Nov 2007, Jan 2008 and April 2008

Yorkie Terrier name Niko in a Cheeta Chilly Dog BedI've finally sent you some photos of my little babies. Niko is in a Medium Plush Fur Cheetah. Alexi, in the Medium Plush Fur Cheetah. They are both Yorkie Terriers and love your beds. After my latest order, we will have 4 beds for them throughout the house.

Yorkie Terrier Alexi in a Cheta Chilly Dog bed     It's hard to tell, but in the pictures little Alexi is hidden inside. She loves to go way in there, and sometimes allows Niko to sit in the front. She doesn't like to share much, which led me to buying more beds. Thanks again,

Sylvia  - Seal Beach   California - Medium Cheetah - for 2 Yorkie Terriers

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Aug 2007

Leapord Chilly Dog Bed with a dog name AliceWell our Chilly Dog pet bed finally made it!  I put it together and Alice hopped straight in it.  Our cat came over to have a sniff and Alice snapped at her - so she's definitely claimed it as her bed!! 




Dog close up in a Leopard Chilly Dog bed It's really great and the Plush Fur is gorgeous, thanks so much, she loves it! Kind Regards:

Saffron - Australia - Leopard Plush Fur

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2007 May

Thought you might like to see your Burgundy Chilly Dog bed in use in San Francisco.AmericanHairlessTerrier Rally in Burgundy chilly dog bed

The American Hairless Terrier (Rally) loves to be warm and loves his chilly bed.  We put it outside on the deck on warm days Rally a American Hairless Terrier in a Burgundy Chilly Dog bed on the deck

and by the fireplace indoors otherwise.

Terrier name Rally in Chilly Dog bed by FirePlace

It has been a great hit and San Francisco is pretty cool.

June Smith - San Francisco Ca

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These dogs love their Chilly Dog beds!

Hairless varieties of
cats and dogs
Italian Greyhounds
Miniature Pinchers
All varieties of Terriers
Miniature Bull
English Toy
Jack Russell

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