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Chilly Dog, The Ultimate SNUGGLE Bed

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Car Seat Dog bed , Raven the Mini Pin asleep in the ChillyDog pet bedJust thought I would show you Raven, in his Chilly Dog Bed, on our long road trip asleep in the truck. Gail O'Donnel - Houston, TX

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Our new Chilly Dog bed was an instant favorite in our house last night! I opened the box, inserted the pillow into the cover,  then put it on the floor and instantly had two dachshunds inside. And this was on a ninety degree day!! Imagine how popular it will be in the winter.

2 Doxies in a Plush Brown Fur Chilly Dog Bed

I have purchased many types of beds for my four Dachshunds over the last 10 years, but I must say that your Chilly Dog bed is the best by far! The unique hoop design along with the bed insert make it just perfect for a Dachshund.

Doxie in Brown Plush Fur Large Chilly Dog bed

Anyone who has ever owned a dachshund knows that they are creatures of comfort and mine are in heaven in their Chilly Dog bed.

I most likely will have to order another bed as one of my Dachshunds does not like to share! And my 95 pound Doberman keeps trying to make herself smaller so she can fit in the bed herself!

Thank you so much!
Von Lau and the four Dachshunds - San Marcos CA -  Large Bed Fur Brown
PS. Check out my Flickr photo website.

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March 2006

We just received our second Chilly Dog bed in the mail today and I had to write to tell you how thrilled we are with it!  Monte was in the bed before we had a chance to remove all of the packaging.  Italian Greyhound Monte under the covers of a Chilly Dog blanket cover Monte not only loves to curl up inside the bed to sleep at night, but he also loves to lounge on top of it during the day.

Italian Grayhound likes to Lounge on top of a Chilly Dog bed during the day.Thank you for this fantastic product! All the best,
Melissa from New York City - Medium ChillyDog Bed in Polar Fleece- Light Navy

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Feb 2006

I got the bed the same day you responded to my email.  I love it (the dogs do too).  I've attached a couple of pictures of them enjoying it for you. Dash a dog in a Chillydog pet bed Jaguar Plush Fug , LargeThe first pictures are my little Dash enjoying the bed (she absolutely loves it) Dash in a Chilly Dog Plush Fur Jaguar

and the last three are Dash and Toast 2 Dogs burrowed in Jaguar Large Chilly Dog pet bed,enjoying the bed. 

Dash and Toast 2 dogs snuggled in to a Chilly Dog pet bed.

Toast likes to get his sisters to tunnel in and he lays on top and traps them in :) Yes, there are two dogs in this Large size Chilly Dogd

I couldn't get my Laci to take a picture on the bed. Anyway, we love it!!!

The dogs are in the Large Plush Fur Print Jaguar

Alisha Dubea -  Rosharon TX -

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Dec 2005

Wooo Hooo!  We got our bed!   We love it! We can't Thank you enough!!!!! CaseyUnder the covers of Chilly Dog Bed and Sophy Spophy and Casey and the Chilly Dog bed

Janet Smith -  Ontario, Canada - Burgundy Polar Fleece

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Red In a ChillyDog Bed -Red in a Bed - This bed was shipped to Spain for Red and one for Islay. "Thanks again for being so kind and getting the Chilly Dog bed to us in Spain, the design is excellent, as is the quality, ideal for Dachsies."

Andrea Spencer - Spain

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These dogs love their Chilly Dog beds!

Hairless varieties of
cats and dogs
Italian Greyhounds
Minature Pinchers
All varieties of Terriers
Miniature Bull
English Toy
Jack Russell

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