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Chilly Dog, The Ultimate SNUGGLE Bed

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Tucker a dog in a Chilly dog BedWhen I received your Chilly Dog bed and took it out of the package, within 5 minutes Tucker had snuggled into it. Five minutes later he was sound asleep. Without a doubt, HE LOVES HIS BED!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. It's perfect for dogs that love to burrow and snuggle. I'd also like to mention that it fits great inside a crate and the fact that you can throw it in the washer is wonderful. I thank you and Tucker does too! Sincerely,

Traci Landon - Yuba City, CA

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It's perfect! My dog Mariah loved it right away! Thanks again.

Debi Stoll - Eugene, OR

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We received your Chilly Dog bed this afternoon and put in on the floor in the family room next to our dog Abby's traditional dog bed. She took a look at the new green bed and climbed right in! She's been in it almost since I opened the bag. Just a few minutes ago she got up for a drink, then walked back to the two beds, side-by-side. She looked at her old bed for a moment and then hopped back into the Chilly Dog.

I'll be calling you soon for a second bed for her doghouse. Thank you very much!

Joan Swenson - Bakersfield, CA

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I love my new Ultra Chilly Dog bed. For the first few nights, I was scared to go all the way in. But when I went in, I always found a dog cookie. Then, while I was inside, I realized how comfortable and warm it was. So on my third night with the bed, I slept the whole night inside. It was great!

Written on behalf of Minnie by her owner

Nancy Martin - Oceanport, NJ

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Just thought I would let you know that Brandi (my little Doxie) loves her Chilly Dog bed! At first she was afraid to go in it, but now she won't come out! She goes so far in, all you can see is her little nose sticking out. It was a great idea!

Thanks a lot!

Connie Rodriguez - Grandville, MI

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Received our Chilly Dog bed this morning and li'l Franky got in it immediately!
Thank you again,

Joy Dondl - Copper City, FL

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Stanley loves his Chilly Dog. I no sooner unwrapped it and put it on the floor than he crawled in while I was putting the wrapping in the trash. He knew who it was for and what to do with it. I'd like to order two more beds, as these are really wonderful.

John Sack - Palo Alto, CA

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Henry And Harry the Lassing boys in a Gold Chilly Dog BedWe want to thank you for inventing the Chilly Dog our boys just love it! Usually only, Henry, our short-haired doxie uses it, but on this cold morning Harry, our long haired doxie was inside.

Steve & Andrea Lassing - Riverside, CA

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Waffels in a Chilly Dog bedI just wanted to let you know that we received your wonderful Chilly Dog bed. Thank you for sending it so fast! Waffles is obviously very happy. At first she started chewing on the hoop so I took it out. She likes to burrow into it like a sleeping bag or lounge on top of it. It's a great bed and I'm sure she will not be chilly this winter!

Alex Donati - New York, NY

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Sienna the dog who live with Amy in New OrleansSienna is absolutely wild about her Chilly Dog bed, as you can see.

Amy Tyrls - New Orleans, LA


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Kohler and Cody the cats of Madison Wi.Kohler & Cody in their Chilly Dog bed. The two of them are great pals.

Dian Murphy - Madison Wi

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These dogs love their Chilly Dog beds!

Hairless varieties of
cats and dogs
Italian Greyhounds
Miniature Pinchers
All varieties of Terriers
Miniature Bull
English Toy
Jack Russell

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