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Chilly Dog, The Ultimate SNUGGLE Bed

See what our customers have to say!

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Hear what our customers have to say!

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We received the Chilly Dog bed today and thank you so much for such an ingenious idea! Sissy took to it like she knew it was meant for her and she is now curled up inside sleeping to her heart's content and looks so happy.  I am so sold on the Chilly Dog bed that I will be telling all my friends about them.

Liz Wiggins – Florida graphic orange line

When we go to work there is nobody to lift the blanket for Lucy to get under and snuggle. She is used to sleeping in a bed under the blanket, and snuggling under the blanket on the couch in the evening. Now she feels safe, secure, and warm when nobody is home. Lucy LOVES her Chilly Dog snuggle bed.

Brenda Wenzel - Newark OH

Lucy a puppy dog in Chilly Dog Bed

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I got a Chilly Dog bed as a gift for my birthday - and it's wonderful.  My whippet has made a new home!  I posted your address on Whippet World along with this picture of one happy whippet.

Marian Carr - Los Angeles, CA

Cody in Chilly Dog Bed

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 Ziggy and Missy received their Chilly Dog bed today and both crawled right inside it.  Now the biggest problem is getting them out of it, – they love it!
I was very surprised that it came so fast, as I just sent off the check to you on Saturday. I hope it gets there as fast as the bed got here.  You are amazing and thank you for trusting me as a customer. It is rare today to find that in a business person.  Thank you so much for the outstanding service.

Jeanne O’Breen –  Shoreline, WA

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I just thought that you should know that Riley LOVES  his new Chilly Dog bed .  He played with it for a bit thinking it was a giant stuffed toy.  He usually snuggles with us on the couch after dinner, but last night he disappeared into the bedroom and put himself in his new bed and wouldn’t come out.  So cute!

Jamie Park – Santa Barbara, CA

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Got the bed yesterday, we coaxed her in with a treat and she automatically started sniffing and trying to chew up the darn thing!  But we put it on the bed last night and she snuggled in it and went fast to sleep! For a first night I can already tell she is going to love it!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful and needed product!

Barbara Tobias – Plano, TX

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I was so thrilled when Phoebe’s snuggle bed arrived.  Couldn’t wait to open the bag and press it right into use.  I put it on my bed and my 80# Greyhound was quick to put his head gently inside.  That did it for Phoebe (Whippet), in she climbed and snuggled down in.  Poor Cody looked so sad standing there. Two days later: on my bed is another one of my Greys.  Her head is nested down inside the bed with Phoebe in it!  She’s not even supposed to be on my bed, so she was not a happy camper when she had to get out and get down.  Too bad you can’t make them in a larger size, as I know they would be loved by some of the big, short coated dogs. Thanks for shipping so quickly.  We love our new bed.  I’m already sleeping better with her in her bed!!!

Sharon Woods – West Falls, NY

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Doxie puppy in Chilly Dog bed
Chilly Dog bed, Doxie Daisy when she was about 8 weeks.

Chilly Dog A sleep on Top

Doxie Daisy grown up and sleeping on top of her Chilly Dog Bed.

Grandpuppy of Ken & Pat Bartlett of Ashland, OR

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Griffin loves the Chilly Dog bed and spends all his nap time sprawled out in it.  
Thanks again.

Michelle Jones - Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

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These dogs love their Chilly Dog beds!

Hairless varieties of
cats and dogs
Italian Greyhounds
Miniature Pinchers
All varieties of Terriers
Miniature Bull
English Toy
Jack Russell

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